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Visa Sponsorships

RVC is able to sponsor citizens from countries other than the United States wishing to study and serve as students, or faculty/staff members at RVC. This facility is reserved for very serious practitioners of bhakti-yoga who have full faith in Srila Prabhupada's system of devotional service as practiced in ISKCON and have served for at least three years in ISKCON centers abroad.

RVC is striving to become exemplary in rendering and teaching others pure devotional service, therefore those who tend to mix their devotional service with karma (sense gratification) and jnana (speculation) will not be eligible for sponsorship.

Candidates wishing to participate in RVC's International Visa Sponsorship Program should follow the procedure for admission outlined in the section of ISKCON Transfer Students above. In addition candidates must do the following:

•Candidates must agree in writing to a minimum commitment of two-years' service and study at the RVC.

•Candidates recognize that if the two-year minimum commitment is not fulfilled, their Visa will be nullified by RVC and the candidate member will have to immediately return to the country from which they came.

•Candidates must agree to register their passport, upon arrival, with the RVC administrative office until required.

•Candidates must understand that RVC is not in any way responsible for travel arrangements or expenses to and from Kansas City, even in a case where a candidate is disallowed to reside at RVC.

•Candidates must provide the following information:

A. Individual Information:

  1. Initiated Name of Applicant
  2. Legal Name of Applicant
  3. First and Second Initiation date
  4. Sponsoring Temple and President
  5. Temple of Current Service (Or authority)
  6. Name of GBC for the applicant's temple
  7. Guru's Name
  8. Applicant's Date of Birth
  9. Applicant's Nationality (place of birth)
  10. Applicant's Passport Number
  11. Applicant's Passport Date/Place of issue
  12. Applicant's Passport Date of expiration
  13. Applicant's Language skills
  14. Applicant's Technical skills
  15. Applicant's Media skills
  16. Applicant's Devotional skills
  17. Applicant's Level of Education Completed
  18. Applicant's Reason for application (duties of applicant)
  19. Fax Number, Address and/or email address to where RVC's Invitation Package is to be sent to applicant.
  20. Fax Number, Address and/or email address to where RVC's Invitation Package is to be sent to US consulate or embassy in your area.

B. Letters, etc.

  1. Letter from applicant's former Temple President (on temple letterhead, signed, and dated) verifying that the applicant has at least two years of experience in that temple and that he has permission to come to the United States to serve in Kansas City under the sponsorship of ISKCON KrishnaFest Inc. (this can be sent as an attached file by email---preferred)
  2. Letter from another senior devotee of ISKCON verifying the applicant's character. (this can be sent as an attached file by email---preferred
  3. $25 to offset processing costs of liason office (phone charges and
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