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Vedic CosmosVedic Cosmos DVD -
A Multi-Dimensional Journey Through the Universe and Beyond

“Either we have failed to see 99% of the universe, or we are wrong about how the universe began.”(Stephen Hawking)

“Congratulations, Vedic Cosmos is a masterpiece, a tour de force. Juxtaposed with the comparatively puny results yielded by Western materialist science, Vedic cosmology is a vast treasure of knowledge.” (Todd Sandness, Kansas City)

This multi-media 3D animated DVD scientifically reveals the mystery, origin and nature of the workings of the universe while explaining the passing of seasons, eclipses, phases of the moon and the passing of day and night through Vedic literature. Directed and narrated by His Holiness Danavir Goswami. (52 minutes) (DVD $15)

Finding IndiaFINDING INDIA: Druze Connecting with Their Source
In March of 2001 ISKCON devotees organized for the Druze to visit Vaisnava holy places. This video records the wonderful events that unfolded.
(32 min) (VCD $15)


AGE OF KALI by KrishnaFest Theatre Company. Remastered. A live performance of the newest version of this ISKCON classic. Filmed in Alachua, Florida. Features: Yamunacarya dasa, Radha-vinode dasa, Danavir Goswami, Candrasekhara dasa, Dhirodatta dasa, Bhakta Paul and others. (50 minutes) ($15)

CHANGE OF HEART by KrishnaFest Theatre Company. A live performance video and an ISKCON classic. Change of Heart tells of a young man's attempts to become a devotee of Krishna. (135 minutes) ($15)

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