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Transfer Students

A "Transfer Student" is one who enters RVC directly from another college or university. In most instances the transfer student enters the AVC program for initial orientation.

An "ISKCON Transfer Student" is one who enters RVC directly from an ISKCON center where he resided. Since ISKCON provides Vedic education, often these students have already imbibed the fundamental knowledge and culture taught in the AVC and are therefore exempted from taking that introductory course. Some ISKCON transfer students have already taken courses at VIHE (Vrndavana Institute of Higher Education) or other similar institutes or have passed Bhakti Sastri exams. Such students are awarded transfer credits accordingly by the RVC Academic Department's discretion and are then accepted in either undergraduate, graduate or doctoral programs as the case may be. Persons residing within ISKCON centers wishing to transfer to RVC may apply to the Admissions Department in the customary way and in addition must furnish the following documents:

•A resume of specific services one has performed including the dates and places of service rendered in ISKCON.

•Two written references from leading ISKCON devotees with whom one has served in the past.

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