Let’s face it, the world is a mess due to  ignorance. Freedom from ignorance lies in receiving perfect knowledge.  The only way to receive perfect knowledge is through a disciplic succession of realized masters. The knowledge in Srila Prabhupada’s books holds the key to unlocking perfect knowledge and eradicating ignorance.  They are the only cure for the problems of the world because they give solutions to solve the root cause of the many problems of life. The world needs Srila Prabhupada’s books now more than ever.

These books and magazines are our most important propaganda weapons to defeat the ignorance of maya’s army, and the more we produce such literature and sell them profusely all over the world, the more we shall deliver the world from the suicide course. So your work is the most important preaching work, may Krishna bless you more and more. Thank you for helping me in this way. (Srila Prabhupada in a Letter to: Jayadvaita  — Hyderabad 18 November, 1972)

For those who are serious about spiritual life, RVC Traveling Sankirtana Party (TSKP) provides a perfect atmosphere for rapid spiritual progress by full absorption in the practice of Krishna consciousness. RVC TSKP has been established to simply maximize the spiritual advancement of the individual participating as well as the entire world, for those who are capable and inclined with this lifestyle of huge scale mass distribution.

“By fully concentrating on distributing books for Krsna, one is fully absorbed in Krsna. This is samadhi.” Srila Prabhupada (SB 10.2.37)

Everyone must be full-time engaged and the best engagement for them is to sell books. (Srila Prabhupada’s Letter to: Rupanuga — Bombay 9 January, 1975)


  • Associate with very sincere and capable practitioners of Krishna consciousness.
  • Visit other ISKCON temples, attend spiritual festivals, and hear from a variety of spiritual masters and advanced devotees (practitioners).
  • Very healthy food stuffs (prasadam).
  • Annual trip to India for qualified members.


  • RVC has distributed over one million books.
  • It has been the #2 temple in book distribution scores in ISKCON’s North America category for over a decade.
  • The party, in the small temple category, has been the #1 temple in book distribution in ISKCON’s world book distribution scores for over a decade.
  • It has been a safe shelter for many sincere souls to experience the traveling lifestyle from which rapid spiritual advancement can take place.
  • Total literatures = 1,165,512
  • Total book points = 1,182,899


  1. Sharing this knowledge with many sincere persons in society.
  2. Providing book distribution training to many book distributors from other ISKCON temples.
  3. Giving guidance and training to establish and maintain other traveling parties from other temples in North America.
  4. Many persons volunteering their time at other temples in North America were first introduced to Krishna Consciousness by receiving a book that a member had distributed.
  5. Many previous members have moved to other ISKCON temples and are pillars in their communities

If you would like to join RVC TSKP or make inquiries, please email Paramesvara dasa at biggerbooks@hotmail.com

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