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Degree Programs and Courses > Masters Level

Masters Level Program and Courses

Graduation Requirements: The Masters Degree is awarded to the student who has:

A) received a Bachelors degree in Vaisnava Philosophy

B) successfully completed 36 graduate credits in upper division Vaisnava Philosophy

C) 6 graduate credits of Sanskrit

D) and who has passed the Bhakti Vedanta exam


Required Courses

Graduate Semester 1
(6 graduate credits)

VP201 Srimad Bhagavatam Seventh Canto, 3 credits - Focuses on the life of Hiranyakasipu, his plans for immortality, his conquering the universe. Also examines Hiranyakasipu's son Prahlada Maharaja's birth, childhood, torture and ultimate protection by Lord Nrsimhadeva. Includes studying Sri Narada Muni's instructions concerning the perfect society.

VP202 Srimad Bhagavatam Eighth Canto, 3 credits - Studies the Gajendra's crisis, his prayers, and his return to the spiritual world. Examines the joint effort of the asuras and devas to churn the ocean of milk to acquire nectar of immortality, the incarnations of Kurma, Dhanvantari, Mohini Murti and Lord Siva's drinking poison to save the universe. Then the battle between the asuras and devas, the appearance of Vamana the dwarf incarnation, the surrender of King Bali and the description of the Matsya incarnation are studied.

Graduate Semester 2
(6 graduate credits)

VP203 Srimad Bhagavatam Ninth Canto, 3 credits - Examines the dynasties of Manu, focusing on Ambarisa Maharaja and the incident with Durvasa Muni; the descent of the sacred river Ganges; the pastimes of Lord Ramacandra; the pastimes of Lord Parasurama; the dynasties of Yayati, Puru, Bharata and Ajamidha.

VP204 Srimad Bhagavatam Tenth Canto, part I, 3 credits - Studies the appearance, childhood and youthful pastimes of Lord Krsna enacted in Mathura and Vrndavana. Includes episodes of giving pleasure to His mother Yasoda and father Nanda Maharaja, stealing butter, killing demons, lifting Govardhana Hill, dancing with the gopis and leaving Vrndavana.

Graduate Semester 3
(6 graduate credits)

VP205 Srimad Bhagavatam Tenth Canto, part II, 3 credits - Studies the pastimes of Lord Krsna after leaving Vrndavana. Includes killing Kamsa in Mathura, defeating Jarasandha, kidnapping Princess Rukmini, defeating Rukmi, marrying another eight wives, the killing of Bhaumasura and accepting another 16,100 wives, constructing the island fort of Dvaraka.

Graduate India Practicum
(six weeks intensive)
(3 graduate credits)

GIP201 Mayapura, 1 credits - Students journey to the holy birth site of Lord Caitanya in Nadia, West Bengal, India. Two and a half weeks of parikramas (walking to holy places connected with Lord Caitanya's pastimes), seminars, kirtanas and sadhana. RVC instructor personally guides the students for the pilgrimage during March. Students write an thorough essay of their experience.

GIP202 Vrndavana, 1 credits - Following the visit to Mayapura, students take a train to Vrndavana, Lord Krsna's place of pastimes. Here students visit many tirthas (holy sites) associated with the pastimes of Lord Krsna five thousand years ago. Students write an thorough essay of their experience.

GIP203 Vaisnava Sanga, 1 credit - The practicum takes place at the time of ISKCON's annual Mayapura-Vrndavana Festival and joins with many participants from around the world. The students will interact with many devotees of Krsna and write of their experiences.

Graduate Semester 4
(6 graduate credits)

VP206 Srimad Bhagavatam Eleventh Canto, 3 credits - Studies the curse upon the Yadu Dynasty; Maharaja Nimi's meeting with the Yogendras; Lord Krsna's instruction to Uddhava (Uddhava Gita) including topics of detachment, fruitive activity, life symptoms, yoga systems, varnasrama dharma system, the perfection of spiritual knowledge, pure devotional service, deity worship; the disappearance of the Yadu Dynasty and of Lord Krsna.

SA201 Sanskrit, 3 credits - Sanskrit-The Mother Language, traces word derivations from the source language.

Graduate Semester 5
(6 graduate credits)

VP207 Srimad Bhagavatam Twelfth Canto, 3 credits - A study of the degraded dynasties of Kali-yuga; the symptoms of the Age of Kali; the Bhumi-gita; Sukadeva Goswami's final instructions to Maharaja Pariksit; the passing away of Maharaja Pariksit; Puranic literatures; Markandeya Rsi's activities; summary and glorification of the Srimad Bhagavatam.

SA202 Sanskrit: Proto-Indo-European Bias, 3 credits - Scrutinizes how scholars concocted a mythological language to avoid accepting Sanskrit as the original language.

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