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RVC maintains several guest rooms which are available for guests of all genders and ages.

Guests of any type, wishing to stay at RVC, should contact RVC authorities for approval prior to the date of their intended stay.

RVC is in no way obliged to provide guest accommodations to anyone and has full discretion about who may be allowed to stay at the RVC and for what period of time.

Generally RVC provides its overnight guest facilities for a maximum of three days or nights at a given time. This applies to ISKCON Life Members, devotees, etc.

Guests of the RVC are expected to follow the four regulative principles, to abide by RVC policies etc. [Please see "Principles of Conduct" and "Policies" in Student Life section] and attend temple programs while staying at the RVC.

No animals are allowed at the RVC.

Guests are not afforded the same rights and privileges as students and faculty/staff.

Children under the age of sixteen may only visit the RVC when accompanied by an adult.

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