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QUESTION: How many students are there at RVC?
ANSWER: Generally around twenty.

QUESTION: How many teachers does RVC have?
ANSWER: A minimum of five, two of which are always on campus.

QUESTION: What must one do to be qualified to enroll in RVC?
ANSWER: Be male, be over eighteen years old, be very interested in Krsna consciousness or Vedic learning, have read and agreed with everything in this prospectus, have talked with an authority at RVC and received approval.

QUESTION: When is the best time to come to RVC?
ANSWER: After having accomplished the above, then ASAP. There is no specific starting times. Each student begins when he comes.

QUESTION: Does RVC accept my previous college credits for transfer?
ANSWER: RVC accepts college transfer credits for approved course work. Your college credits will be examined for consideration of transfer.

QUESTION: Does RVC accept my previous college degrees?
ANSWER: Same as above.

QUESTION: If I wish to leave before completing the semester, is it allowed?

QUESTION: Will RVC sponsor my transportation to and from my home to the college and visa versa?
ANSWER: No, transportation to and from Kansas City is the responsibility of the students.

QUESTION: How long does it usually take to earn a bachelors degree at the RVC?
ANSWER: Usually four years.

QUESTION: How long does it usually take to earn a masters degree at the RVC?
ANSWER: Usually two years after having earned a bachelors degree.

QUESTION: How long does it usually take to earn a doctorate degree at the RVC?
ANSWER: Usually two years after having earned a masters degree.

QUESTION: Is the RVC accredited?
ANSWER: No. (Please see Certification in this prospectus)

QUESTION: Do other colleges and universities accept credits or degrees awarded by RVC?
ANSWER: You should consult with the institution itself to see if it accepts RVC credits and degrees. Each educational institution has its own policies regarding transferring credits and degrees.

QUESTION: What can one do with a degree from RVC?
ANSWER: Since this is the first college of its kind in the United States, the opportunities are somewhat uncharted.

QUESTION: Can I get a job with a degree from RVC?
ANSWER: Perhaps.

QUESTION: Is the RVC connected to the Hare Krishna Movement?
ANSWER: Yes, it is the college seminary division of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON).

QUESTION: Do all RVC students and faculty/staff have to shave their heads like Hare Krishna devotees?

QUESTION: Do all RVC students and faculty/staff have to wear the robes that Hare Krishna devotees wear? And if so, why?
ANSWER: Yes, because these traditional Vedic clothes are helpful for entering into the mood of pure devotional service and learning transcendental knowledge.

QUESTION: Why do RVC students and faculty get up so early?
ANSWER: The segment known as brahma-muhurta (a muhurta is a two- hour segment of time; each day has twelve muhurtas) is the most conducive part of the day for advancing in spiritual life. Srila Prabhupada writes:

The time early in the morning, one and a half hours before sunrise, is called brahma-muhurta. During this brahma-muhurta, spiritual activities are recommended. Spiritual activities performed early in the morning have a greater effect than in any other part of the day. (Srimad Bhagavatam 3.20.46 Purport)

If the students are not awake during this precious time, they will miss the excellent opportunity it affords. Some students may find rising early quite a challenge, even more so than comprehending the philosophy. But rest assured, after a little while, getting up early is not only tolerable but immensely enjoyable. Students should expect a few days of adjustment to the new schedule.

QUESTION: If a student slips up once or twice on the principles, is he expelled immediately?
ANSWER: Not necessarily, it depends on the circumstances.

QUESTION: Why don't you allow women?
ANSWER: Being a men's seminary, RVC is only adapted to accomodate men. RVC is modeled after the Vedic educational system known as gurukula. Ladies are welcomed as visitors to RVC and as residents in all other ISKCON centers.

QUESTION: Are there any Vedic colleges for ladies?
ANSWER: There is a fine ladies training center in Columbus, Ohio which is moving toward collegiate format. Those interested may contact:

Director: Malati devi dasi
379 W. 8th Ave., Columbus, OH, 43201
(614) 421-1661
e-mail -

QUESTION: Can I go to India with the RVC?
ANSWER: Yes, RVC offers one month India Pilgrimage Practicum's through its work-study program. Discuss with RVC authorities for details and eligibility guidelines.

QUESTION: What should I bring when coming to RVC?
ANSWER: If you have these you can bring them, otherwise the college will provide them:

  1. A warm coat for the winter semester
  2. Socks
  3. Towels
  4. A few sets of western clothes
  5. A sleeping bag
  6. Personal toiletries
  7. Any Bhaktivedanta Book Trust books you might already own
  8. Enough funds for return transportation
  9. Ask us about other specific items you may have in mind.

QUESTION: How do I get to the RVC?
ANSWER: Just get to Kansas City, Missouri and we'll pick you up from the airport, bus station or train station. (Please see Directions to the RVC section of this website.)

QUESTION: What if it doesn't work out for me at the RVC? How will I return to my home or continue with my journey?
ANSWER: You should bring enough funds for return transportation to your home or to your next destination. RVC does not supply these.

QUESTION: Is there anything else I need to know?
ANSWER: Chant Hare Krishna to prepare yourself.

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