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There are three main categories of residents at the RVC

a) Introductory AVC Students
b) RVC Students
c) Faculty/Staff Members

Note: For a list of the teaching and other field of faculty and staff services please see the section entitled "Faculty/Staff".

Introductory Students

An introductory student is a first-semester RVC student who begins his education by taking the three month semester Introductory Semester in Applied Vedic Culture (AVC). (Please see section on Introductory Semester in Applied Vedic Culture for details.) Introductory students are largely of three types.

  1. Some have never lived in an ISKCON center and are quite unfamiliar with Vedic or Krsna-oriented lifestyle and philosophy.
  2. Some have resided in an ISKCON center for some time and are somewhat familiar with the Krishna culture and philosophy.
  3. Some who reside in ISKCON centers, are very familiar with Krishna consciousness however they desire to refresh their basic training in devotional service by taking the Intro Semester.

Upon completion of this semester, an introductory student joins the general RVC student body in either undergraduate or graduate level according to his educational background.

RVC Students

There are seven levels of students at the RVC

  1. AVC students
  2. freshmen (less than 30 credits)
  3. sophomores (30-59 credits)
  4. juniors (60-89 credits)
  5. seniors (90-119 credits)
  6. graduate students (working toward their masters degree)
  7. doctoral students.
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