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Academic Departments and Programs

The Rupanuga Vedic College transmits transcendental knowledge through disciplic succession. Students are taught to develop their desire to hear Vedic knowledge. As Srimad Bhagavatam states in 3.25.25:

satam prasangan mama virya-samvido
bhavanti hrt-karna-rasayanah kathah
taj-josanad asv apavarga-vartmani
sraddha ratir bhaktir anukramisyati

In the association of pure devotees, discussion of the pastimes and activities of the Supreme Personality of Godhead is very pleasing and satisfying to the ear and the heart. By cultivating such knowledge one gradually becomes advanced on the path of liberation, and thereafter he is freed, and his attraction becomes fixed. Then real devotion and devotional service begin.

RVC offers a wealth of transcendental, applicable knowledge, unavailable elsewhere. Just as river water remains fresh by receiving a constant supply of incoming water so Vedic knowledge is restored when put into practice.

The original systematic approach to education is the Vedic guru-sisya, or saintly teacher-disciple relationship. Utilizing this method, RVC's academic curriculum flows naturally without rigid structures and pressure. Modern educational institutions have, on the other hand, unnecessarily complicated the education process and for the most part omitted the goal of all knowledge, namely the Supreme Personality of Godhead and self-realization.

Although exams and college credits are not essential elements in teaching Vedic literature, they are valued in the world we live in. Rupa Goswami has explained a principle called yukta vairagya meaning one should accept things which are favorable to Krishna consciousness. At RVC, the goal is simply to learn about self-realization and encouragement is an essential ingredient. To enhance the RVC academic curriculum classes are interlinked with exams and college credits.

Bhakti (loving devotion to Lord Krsna) develops in pursuance of Vedanta philosophy (ultimate knowledge). Srila Rupa Goswami said:

sruti-smrti-puranadi-pancaratra-vidhim vina
aikantiki harer bhaktir utpatayaiva kalpate

"Devotion performed without reference to the Vedas, etc., must be considered sentimentalism, and it causes nothing but disturbance to society." (Bhakti-rasamrta-sindhu 1.2.101)

Srila Prabhupada gave the idea for integrating devotion with knowledge for spiritual realization, through an ingenious academic-devotional discipline. Here is how it works at Rupanuga Vedic College:

The Degree/Title System

The Krishna consciousness movement is primarily an educational institution with formidable books accepted by universities and libraries around the world. Srila Prabhupäda instituted the Vaishnava system of conferring multi-leveled "ecclesiastical" scholarship titles upon deserving devotees. He expected these titles to simulate university academic degrees. Furthermore he wanted his own followers to establish Vedic universities exclusively based on his books.
RVC is a theological college, authorized to grant Bachelors, Masters and Doctor of Divinity (D.D.) degrees in its area of concentration. By synergizing the degree program and the title program, a brilliant chemistry is formed which, to use a Vedic analogy, is like mixing mercury and bell metal to produce gold. The result is an excellent degree/title fusion:

  • Associate Certificate (generally two years)
  • Bhakti-Sastri Title
  • Bachelors Degree (generally four years)
  • Bhakti-Vaibhava Title
  • Masters Degree (generally six years)
  • Bhakti-Vedanta Title
  • Doctorate Degree (generally eight years)
  • Bhakti-Sarvabhauma Title

The student completes courses within a particular academic degree program (such as Bachelors of Vaisnava Philosophy) fulfilling the required credits. Then to corroborate his conversance, the student passes the parallel devotional examination (i.e. Bhakti-vaibhava Title). Upon successful completion of both, the student is awarded the degree Bachelors of Vaisnava Philosophy and the title Bhakti Vaibhava simultaneously. A normal guideline of time expectancy for completion of each degree/title sets is given in parentheses above. However, that period of time may be longer or shorter depending on each student and several other factors such as previous educational background and devotional experiential learning, etc.

By earning a degree/title, the student accomplishes a truly significant objective. He has distinguished himself within greater human society as a competent scholar and he has also distinguished himself within the society of Vaisnavas as a genuine, knowledgeable devotee of Krsna.

•Bachelor of Vaishnava Philosophy

•Bachelor of Vaishnava Education

•Master of Vaishnava Philosophy

•Master of Vaishnava Education

•Master of Vaishnava Administration

•Doctor of Divinity in Vaishnava Philosophy

•Doctor of Divinity in Vaishnava Administration

•Bhakti-Sastri Title

•Bhakti-Vaibhava Title

•Bhakti-Vedanta Title

•Bhakti-Sarvabhauma Title


•Classroom study

•Extended-campus study


•Vaishnava Philosophy

•Vaishnava Administration

•Vaishnava Education

•Vedic Sociology (varnasrama)

•Vedic Science

•Vaishnava History

•Vaishnava Ministry and Counseling


•Arcana-paddhati (Deity worship)

•Vedic Art

Course and Degree Program Availability

The courses and degree programs listed in this prospectus are taught according to RVC's discretion. Some courses may be offered in every semester and some courses may be offered less often depending on instructors, students, facilities and a number of other factors. Certain degree programs also may be unavailable at particular periods. It is recommended for students to contact the RVC academic department to ascertain which courses and degree programs are currently being offered.

Transfer of Credits and Experiential Credits

The RVC grants credits acquired from other educational institutions, at its own discretion, for work in related to RVC curriculum. Similarly RVC evaluates professional or practical accomplishments made by students in related fields of study and awards "experiential credit" accordingly.

Transfer of credits from RVC to other institutions is at discretion of the receiving institution.

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