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Comments From Government Leaders

Today the Bhagavad-gita is printed in millions of copies in scores of languages and distributed in all nooks and corners of the world. The credit for this great, sacred service goes chiefly to ISKCON.

For this one accomplishment alone, Indians should be eternally grateful to the devoted spiritual army of Swami Prabhupada's followers.

Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada went to the United States in 1965. The respect and popularity his movement gained in a very short span of twelve years must be regarded as one of the greatest spiritual events of the century.

Atal Bihari Vajpayee
Prime Minister of India

It's a noble task and it is a great task that he [Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada] has accomplished. I have never had the opportunity of seeing him or hearing him. But as is said about any writer or author, if you want to know a writer, you see his works. So when I see the works that he has created the world over in the form of this Krishna Consciousness Movement I can realize the greatness of that great soul.

L.K. Advani
Member of Indian Parliament


I have great respect for you and your associates [of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness] who serve the Lord according to your faith and perform many good deeds in these hectic days.

Kenneth Keating
U.S. Ambassador

Comments From the Academic Community

I was delighted to learn of Danavir Goswami's plans to establish a Vedic seminary in the United States. The tradition he represents, Gaudiya Vaishnavism, offers enlightening perspectives on many of the theological, moral and social issues of the day. All thoughtful persons benefit from the presence of this perspective in the cultural and religious kaleidoscope which is America, and I for one welcome Danavir Goswami's efforts.

Nathan Katz Ph.D
Chair, Professor; South Asian Religions,
Buddhism, Indian Judaism, History of Religions
Florida International University

In 1975 when I first began doing research on ISKCON in Los Angeles I participated in the Bhakta program on three separate occasions. The Bhakta program leader at the time was the author of Fortunate Souls. Danavir Goswami was then, and remains, one of the most enthusiastic devotees I have ever encountered. His sincere desire to serve Krishna, Srila Prabhupada, and the many people who have come to the movement over the years becomes evident in reading this text on the Bhakta program. …. The necessity for devotee training to be a life-long commitment…is often overlooked and gives importance to the need for the movement to have an effective Vedic College.

E. Burke Rochford, Jr.
Author of Hare Krishna in America
Professor of Sociology
Middlebury College, Vermont

I have known Danavir Goswami (Dr. Dane Holtzman) for more than 15 years, and have served closely with him on many projects for most of those years. Also during this time I have worked on an international level with the International Society for Krishna Consciousness and other Vaisnava organizations in several capacities. Danavir Maharaja is a world leader, and probably the top authority, on educating new students in the practical and academic principles of Krsna consciousness. He has successfully worked in this field for close to three decades and has written the definitive book, entitled Fortunate Souls, on this subject. In academia I have initiated undertakings and published in numerous areas connected with Vedic studies. I believe this is an extremely important field, and Danavir Maharaja is uniquely qualified to direct a Vedic college seminary. I am convinced that this endeavor will greatly add to the cultural and spiritual revitalization of the United States.

Please contact me if I can be of assistance or if you would like further information. Respectfully,

David B. Wolf Ph.D.
Social Worker/Author

As the Krishna consciousness movement matures, it finds itself involved in elaborating its institutional framework. One key area is developing institutions for the education and training for those who will move into positions of spiritual leadership. In most religious communities this task has been fulfilled by seminaries. The Rupanuga Vedic College represents an historic first for the Krishna consciousness movement in the United States—its first seminary dedicated to the formal education and training of students preparing for a life of ministering to others in the International Society for Krishna Consciousness. I can think of no better person to lead the development of the Rupanuga Vedic College than Danavir Goswami, who has devoted thirty years to the training of young people entering the Krishna consciousness movement.

Michael A. Cremo
Author of Hidden History of the Human Race

"Rupanuga Vedic College (RVC) is primarily a divinity school. A few years ago, I did extensive research on the program at RVC and other divinity programs at places such as Harvard, Yale, and the Graduate Theological Union. I found that their program [RVC's] essentially was the same as the others with the exception of the language requirement. I am certain that if a student went through the RVC program, he or she would be a very knowledgeable person regarding the Krishna Conscious liturgy and scriptures. Thus the person would be highly qualified as a priest in ISKCON. In fact, I would venture to say that RVC has a 100% placement rate among its graduates."

William G. Wall, Ph.D.
Professor of Vaisnava Literature and Theology
Institute for Vaisnava Studies
Graduate Theological Union
Berkeley, California

I have known Danavir Goswami (Dr. Dane Holtzman) for many years. His Rupanuga Vedic College is the culmination of his many years of providing seminary instruction. Danavir Goswami has the special ability to impart the sublime Vaishnava tradition in a relevant, meaningful and comprehensible manner. His students are generally broadminded and imbibe an appreciation of not only the Vedic tradition but of all bona fide traditions. This is the trademark of a successful religious educator. As the director of the Institute for Vaishnava Studies I look forward to referring many students to the RVC.

Robert Cohen, BS, MS
Institute for Vaisnava Studies
Graduate Theological Union
Berkeley California

Comments From the Vaishnava Devotional Community

After three decades of assembling and fine-tuning Srila Prabhupada's educational training system for new students to Vedic science, Danavir Goswami (Dr. Dane Holtzman) now broadens the scope to include college-level scholarship. ISKCON approves this long-needed seminarial development in the shape of Rupanuga Vedic College and envisages far-reaching achievement.

Bir Krishna Goswami
ISKCON Governing Body Commission
Chairman (1999-2000)

I am very pleased to write a letter of recommendation to whoever may be considering participating or giving support of any kind to the Rupanuga Vedic College (RVC) in Kansas City. Since the beginning of Danavir Goswami's activities in service to ISKCON, he has been singularly focused in purpose, namely that of training and education. Through the course of years, he has gained so much experience that he is in a very qualified position to offer courses in Vedic studies through this now-authorized RVC program.

From my experience, all of the students who were trained by Danavir Goswami exemplify the highest standards of Vedic culture, not only in terms of their qualities of erudition but in terms of their personal character as well. As we well know, character development is something that is sorely lacking in our modern education system. The fact that he is developing the highest standards of character and scriptural training, both at the same time, is much to his credit. I certainly hope that the RVC program continues to flourish and grow through the passage of time.

Romapada Swami
ISKCON (N. A.) Governing Body Commission Chair
ISKCON International Governing Body Commission Member
Initiating Spiritual Master within ISKCON

I would like to offer my heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to His Holiness Danavir Goswami for his exemplary character and extraordinary services to Srila Prabhupada over the past three decades. Now he has the opportunity to further expand his role as a leading ISKCON preacher in North America, bringing along countless new souls closer to their journey back home to Godhead. His proposed Vedic College/ Seminary is a forward step in ISKCON history and I am very excited by the possibilities.

My experiences with Maharaja have always been very positive. During his stay in New Vrndavana he established the Bhakta Training Program there and I was able to observe first hand the wonderful transformations that came over the young men enrolled in his three month course. It is simply remarkable....all good qualities manifest, just as Srila Prabhupada said they would for anyone engaged in Krishna Consciousness.

I have no blessings to offer, not having that capacity, but I genuinely offer my deepest respect and greatest enthusiasm to Maharaja for his courageous undertaking with regards to the Vedic College. May Lord Chaitanya join your kirtana party and lead you back home!

Malati devi dasi
ISKCON Governing Body Commissioner

Comments From the Indian Community

The Vaisnava culture and Vedic science is not a sectarian concern, limited to Indians or Hindus. It is the wealth of the universe and deserves to be capitalized. There can be no doubt that the best method for accomplishing this is through the establishment of a Vedic college of non-compromised standard. The Rupanuga Vedic College then, emerges as a most noble enterprise springing from the pure-hearted desire of Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.

I have known Danavir Goswami for over ten years. He is truly dedicated to organizing this college and is, in my opinion, the right person for the task. We Indians living in America should sincerely pray for his success.

Vibhakar Mody M.D.
Washington D.C.

The Rupanuga Vedic College is most probably the only Vaisnava college seminary in the United States. I think it is a wonderful idea. This will encourage students to learn the Krsna conscious philosophy in a scientific manner.

T.C. Garg (Tirthapada dasa)
Government of India Labor Commissioner (Ret.)
Mumbai, India

I am deeply convinced that the lessons offered through the RVC will enlighten students with spiritual knowledge. Lord Krishna is the Supreme Divine Truth which shines everywhere like the sun. These rays help all human beings perceive reality from illusion, spirit from matter and the eternal from the transitory.

Dr. A.N. Singh
Lenexa, Kansas

To me the RVC is fantastic. It is a great way to introduce our Vedic culture, religion and spirituality into American society. Besides that, the location of the college couldn't have been better, right next to two major universities in Kansas City. The sublime Vedic knowledge is not meant only for Hindus, indeed it is meant for all mankind and what better way to impart it than within the best hearts and minds of the student youth.

Hasmuk Patel
Independence, Missouri

As I write this, my thoughts go down memory lane, when as a young man and Krishna devotee in Bangalore, I believed that no other place was as perfect to be a Krishna bhakta. But, as time went by and I migrated to Kansas City, I felt that I would have to give up my Krishna consciousness or just do it all alone. Little did I know what Krishna had in store for me—he introduced me to Danavir Goswami of ISKCON. His melodious music and his extensive knowledge on Vedic Dharma endeared me to him and his discourses.

Although, I was miles away from India, Danavir was able to make me feel at home in my new country when he and his team welcomed me with their love and friendship. I had the privilege of traveling with them cross-country. He would teach Vedic culture to everyone with equal devotion. His wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to establish a Vedic College in Kansas City is inspiring.

Kumsi Krishna Murthy
Engineer Instrumentation & Electronics (Ret.)

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