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Beads, Incense, Etc. :

International orders: Please note, shipping costs for our publications are meant for orders to destinations within the USA. For orders outside the United States, please visit

1. Japa Beads A string of 108 hand-carved japa beads. ($4)

2. Japa Bead Bag A white cotton bag for carrying japa (mantra meditation) beads. ($4)

3. Counting Beads For use in mantra meditation. ($1)

4. Tulasi Neck Beads Tulasi Neck Beads are strung on multi-strand nylon with a brass clasp. Worn as a sign of devotion to Lord Krishna, Srila Prabhupada sometimes referred to these as dog collars, identifying the devotee as Krsna's dog. ($3)

5. Incense. Imported from India. Approximately 20 per bag. ($2)

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